It is proof that industrial process doesn’t always lead to blandness – read Stan Hieronymus’s marvellous ‘Brew Like a Monk’ for an evocative and detailed description of its precision engineering.”. His work can be found in What’s Brewing. This is a fine example of innovation out of tradition, typical in family breweries such as Dubuisson.”. But I do – the house tripel of Staminee de Garre in Bruges, poured with pillowy foam and served on a lace doily with accompanying cubes of creamy ‘kaas’. I like to close my eyes and puzzle it out. Find out more about this beer:, [singlepic id=1320 w= h= float=none] Photo by nagzi / CCBY // Chosen by Chris Hall. Russell Erskine started as an Assistant Brewer with Brewdog at Fraserburgh in September 2011, having had no previous brewing experience or qualifications. Are there any you think should be added to this list? “In 1934, as they finished their – at that time – new brewery, the Westmalle Abbey launched a ‘superbeer’, a blond top-fermented beer of 9.5 % ABV which would soon be renamed Westmalle Tripel. “Taras Boulba by the ‘Brusseleirs’ of De La Senne has, together with their Zinnebir, become a symbol of a new brewing scene that walks a different path. Actually you have to be crazy to make it as the flower is added by hand to every single bottle before bottling. But anyway, I have to stick to the rules. The delicate use of American hops like Amarillo gives it beautiful citrus and grapefruit aromas, and a taste that makes this beer loved by amateur and experienced beer drinkers alike.”. He was recently made an honorary ‘Knight of the Brewers Mash Staff’ by the Belgian Brewers Guild. Duchesse de Bourgogne has become my go-to beer in this situation. ... Add Blue Moon Mango Wheat Beer 330Ml Add add Blue Moon Mango Wheat Beer 330Ml to basket. This beer is produced using three varieties of malt and three strains of Belgian hops. The Lou Pepe Gueuze is one of the best of the Brasserie Cantillon range, and should be sought out by any lover of lambic brews or, for lack of a better word, sour beers. He was right, and was certainly not the first drinker to have an epiphany while drinking this brew. It smells of citrus, exotic fruits and wet grains with dry hopped undertones. There are, however, a few reputable brands that are well respected for their traditions, methods and classic brews. Lou Pepe Gueuze is a blend of two-year old lambics that are often aged in wooden barrels that used to hold French wine the last time they were filled. Belgian beer brands. He writes columns in various newspapers and magazines, has a daily show ‘The Beersommelier’ and every year in June he organises the ‘Beer Passion Weekend’ in his hometown of Antwerp. Belgian Wheat, BelgiumMagic Hat Vinyl 6.00 - Lager, South Burlington, VTStella Artois 5.50 - Belgian Lager, BelgiumYards "Love" 6. If you are in Belgium on a Sunday, you should be sitting in the cafe at the brewery with an Arabier in your hand.”. Our White beer brands: Hoegaarden - Brugse Wit - Blanche De Namur - Ginette - Gruut - St Bernardus - Super 8 - La Trappe And … Of course, it’s very difficult to create a list of the best, because ultimately that’s down to personal preference. Erik has been a freelance editor, writer and photographer for years. And so they crafted their own beer. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. With its aromatic hoppy nose, wheat accents and crisp, refreshing taste it not only smells and tastes good, but it also looks good: in the bottle thanks to the fabulous emblematic artwork and in your glass because of that big, white creamy head over a pale, golden and hazy beer. Yes, in every bottle you’ll find a hop flower giving the beer some extra fresh aromas and subtle bitterness. Sofie Vanrafelghem is a Zythologist, beer author of 3 beer books, Founder of ‘Women & Beer’, Belgian Beers columnist at De Standaard, International beer sommelier, Editorial staff member of Zythos, Teacher of general beer knowledge at CVO Panta Rhei, Editor at Hopper Magazine, and Master beer sommelier at Café Belge (The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai, UAE). Garnish with an orange wheel to highlight the … Find out more about this beer:, [singlepic id=1299 w= h= float=none] Photo by Adams K. / CCBY // Chosen by Stan Hieronymus. Bold yet accessible; strong without being heavy: a real beer for all seasons. He also writes for All About Beer (USA), Beer, Sunday Times Travel Magazine and Weekend Telegraph amongst other. The beer covers a lot of bases. In aroma it is fruity (overripe banana) with a fine hop bitterness and soft maltiness fighting for attention. Throw that last one in a barrel for a year or two and you’ll make him very happy. !” is the reaction I get when I bring the bottle to the table. Melissa was also identified as one of the Most Powerful Women in the Drinks Industry by Channel4 Food and won the acclaim of her industry peers when named Educator of the Year by Imbibe magazine in 2013. It’s one of the few beers with ‘bottle hopping’. Find some of her writing about Belgian beers at Savour it but don’t cellar it.”. Serve with a slice of orange as a … Belgian wheat beer inspired shortbread? By blending 20% aged with fresh beer and using 3 classic European aroma hops (2 grown in Belgium) it remains despite its 38 IBUs very fruity, peppery and flowery. Lorenzo Dabove, aka Kuaska, is an Italian professional beer taster, beer writer and judge in major international beer competitions. It seems like a beer that Saint Benedict, who advocated that monks should live by the work of their own hands, would have appreciated.”, Stan Hieronymus is author of “Brew Like a Monk” as well as five other books related to beer and brewing, the most recent being “For the Love of Hops: The Practical Guide to Aroma, Bitterness and the Culture of Hops.” He’s currently at work on the next, “Indigenous Beer: American Grown.”, Find out more about this beer:, [singlepic id=1300 w= h= float=none] Photo by Patrick Casabuena / CCBY // Chosen by Ben Vinken, “One of the most underestimated triples in our country is the Chimay Tripel, formerly known as Chimay Blanche. This wouldn't be out of place at a beer bar. It is a simple, honest beer, brewed by the monks themselves and made better by the surroundings. Belgian Wheat Ale PictureBelgian Wheat Ale Category: Belgian Ale Recipe Type: All Grain Rating: No Votes Berliner Weisse PictureBerliner Weisse Category: Wheat Beer Recipe Type: Belgian wheat beer and seasonal specialty beers, we supply spices and locally grown berries and fruits packaged aseptically at the peak of their ripeness. “XX Bitter is an early example of how you can use hops to give a beer character, without making it harsh or difficult to drink. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. 4% ABV. Also podcasts, shoots photography, and judges beer at international competitions. Offer. But what about real life recommendations? Jef Van Den Steen is one of the most experienced beer connoisseurs in Belgium as well as a brewer at Brouwerij De Glazen Toren. Dismiss that it should be blonde, or have a head or not have ‘turned’.This 6% ABV brown ale, aged for two years in massive, pedestalled, oak tuns 200 to a cave, before blending to unmistakable familiarity, goes beyond tart into sour. And so the history of the Contreras brewery in the small village of Gavere took a new turn. All Rights Reserved. And most of what they do make, they don’t even bother to drink themselves, exporting 60% of their beer to other countries. Zinnebir has a cloudy orange colour and a great nose of honey, pollen, and lemon zest, and light exotic fruits. With an enchanting, not-quite-earthy yeast character, a whiff of spicy hops and a tightrope balance between crisp and malty, this beer reminds us, at the most basic level what Belgian beers are all about.”. What’s all the fuss about? A beer drinker for more than 25 years and a journalist for 15 she writes, broadcasts, speaks and trains people in all things beer-related. Dry, fresh and mature, with a bone dry and very lengthy finish. He has won 13 awards from the North American Guild of Beer Writers. Find out more about this beer:, [singlepic id=1308 w= h= float=none] Photo by Christer Edvartsen / CCBY // Chosen by Carsten Berthelsen. From: Brussels, Belgium Style: Belgian Pale Ale ABV: 4.5% Joshua M. Bernstein says: When you think of Belgian beer, puckering gueuzes, potent tripels and rich dubbels typically come to mind. Beer is an icon of Belgium. Espen Smith is a Norwegian beer critic, well known in Norway from television, talk radio, newspapers and magazines where he gives his open opinions on the newest trends in food, beer and liquor. Boak and Bailey are beer bloggers and authors of the book, Brew Britannia. Belgian beers account for only 1% of all beer produced in the world. And when a glass of Orval is lifted to the lips, I find it difficult not to be profane as I take my first sip, such is the magnificence of this beer. Brewed and spiced using Belgian traditions, this unfiltered wheat beer is a delight. Charles D. “Chuck” Cook is a writer and photographer who has travelled to Belgium 29 times since 1994 to explore, experience, and enjoy Belgian beers and Belgium’s beer culture. The most widely known wheat beer is hefeweizen , a refreshing style from Germany that's popular around the world. They’re making the beer they’d like to drink themselves.”. Oak is subdued and the yeasts it contains provide flavours reminiscent of grapefruit, nectarines and pineapple. Originally brewed in monasteries, the drink is usually spiced with various flavorings. The perfect meeting of brewing and context. ‘Bitter is better’ they say themselves and I’m not objecting to that. Find out more about this beer: Its rich, deep brown colour and multi-faceted aroma evoking rich red wine, bonfire toffee, almond and smoke are mysteries waiting to be solved by those who can wait. A local brewer, Brian Hunt, first told me about this beer, and he’d … So which Belgian beers are worth checking out? While they’re not displacing the classic beers of Belgium, they’re adding new depth and vivacity to the conversation. It is a complex brew with a unique taste.”. It’s refreshing and highly-quaffable. “The Surfine brand, having been created in 1933, is older even than the brewery’s iconic Bush Amber. Married and father of 2, he has a soft spot for bitter beers, sour beers and pitch-black, thick stouts. Belgian Wheat Beer As the weather gets warmer, (hopefully), why not try the Belgian wheat beer Hoegarden? Find out more about this beer:, [singlepic id=1294 w= h= float=none] Photo by Les Bières Belges / CCBY // Chosen by Luc De Raedemaeker, “It was very hard to select my favourite beer among the fantastic Belgian beers. My wife loves it so I am always BOB (driving) when she drinks Kameleon Tripel.”. It’s a great beer that pairs well with soft cheeses of great character, like Brie de Meaux. “Some beers change over time, others before your very eyes. Belgian wit beers are brewed with wheat and spiced with coriander and orange peel, and this offering, from a brewery that started out as a cheese factory, is as good as it gets. These cookies do not store any personal information. He sees it as his mission to give Belgian beers the recognition they deserve. Classic Belgian beers are very balanced and complex, and Westmalle Tripel is a perfect example of this. | Style Info. Wafts of fragrantly floral hops, scented alcohol and a touch of phenolic spice greet you from the first pour. I think it is the perfect introduction as it is old, new, contract and craft all rolled into one! Father of the emerging Italian Craft Beer Renaissance, he is called ‘The Prince of Pajottenland’ for his hard fighting work to promote and support Belgian beers, in particular traditional lambic & gueuze. The resulting beer is a riot of grapefruit and redcurrant flavours underpinned by bready malt and a pinch of white pepper in its dry finish. You can find his writings at I think about beer or follow him on Facebook or Twitter. “There are only a handful of authentic lambic producers remaining in Belgium. “Meeting a lovely girl and becoming the brewer in her father’s brewery – that’s the story of Frederik De Vrieze. Award-winning stories, podcasts, and resources about Belgian beer, straight to your inbox. Find out more about this beer:, [singlepic id=1310 w= h= float=none] Photo by Christopher Edvartsen / CCBY // Chosen by Alex Barlow, “The farmhouse Saison style has been the darling of many a craft brewer but Saison Dupont is considered by many to be the ultimate benchmark. Witbier or wit beers are pale straw to deep golden in color and range in alcohol from 4.5-5%. This allows them to blend and produce what is, for me, a beer that sits perfectly in the “Goldilocks zone” – not too sweet, not too tart, not too wild, it’s “juuuust right”. “As someone who came to sour beers quite late in their drinking career, I’m still captivated by the sensation of history and tradition each time you open a bottle. Follow Tim Hampson on Twitter: @beerhero. It is here that I first fell in love with this beer. The beer ends on a bitter note and that’s actually a good thing; it prepares your tastebuds for another sip or another Taras Boulba. Many would argue that it’s the best country in the world for beer. Months later, people keep coming back to me about that particular beer and, secretly, I hope it eases people into more sour beers like lambics and gueuzes.”. Belgian Beer and Food publisher and editor-in-chief Paul Walsh is from Ireland, but came to Belgium ten years ago to study philosophy at the historic Leuven university. Some say it’s a dangerous beer – when you love it, you don’t stop drinking it. Since 1992 he has worked as a journalist and publisher on titles such as Michael Jackson’s ‘Great Beers of Belgium’ and the Bierpassie/Bièrepassion Magazine. It is brewed from equal parts of wheat and malted barley and is the ideal drink for a hot summers day. “This beer does not come from an old recipe – it was conceived in 1999 to celebrate the opening of the remodeled ‘In de Vrede’ café across from the abbey – and it is not the one people buy on the beer black market or travel halfway around the globe to drink in the café. “Cantillon Lou Pepe Gueuze is the beer that really turned me on to lambics and sour beers. Jason Perkins is the Brewmaster at Allagash Brewing in Portland, Maine where he has worked for over 17 years. The balance of the citrus hop notes with the incredible esters of De Dolle’s house yeast is fantastic. Filter by Belgian Beer (9) Filter by Fruit Beer (2) 11 Brands. (In fact, there are some today that are like that.) The Beer Store will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you and to provide updates and marketing. “Are you sure that’s a beer? “Combining the lightness and effervescence of a Pilsner with the complexity and sheer alcoholic oomph of a Tripel, Duvel is a beer of which we never tire. Revitalized after a major reduction in breweries in the 19th century, Belgian white beer … It’s a real masterpiece of brewing.”. There are plenty of lists of Belgian beers and Belgian beer brands in magazines compiled by people who know a thing or two about beer and there are lots of online rating sites that rank Belgian beers. Perfect, isn’t it?”. Sharp.”. Erik Verdonck is content manager for and managing partner of The Belgian Beer Company. Award-winning reporter and writer of narrative beer and food features. Sadly, many of them are rather one-dimensional, lacking depth and mystery. Belgian Wheat BREWERY & ORIGIN: Blue Moon Brewing Co. Belgian Wheat Beer Bearnaise = Posted on February 1, 2012 by The Beeroness Ale Steamed Salmon This gallery contains 4 photos. Kinroo Blue Belgian … The role model of all Belgian wheat beers, Hoegaarden named after a small town east of Leuven is light and extremely refreshing, despite its cloudy appearance. We asked them all one question: “Which one Belgian beer would you recommend people try?”. Avril is the perfect all-day sipping beer for long, hot summer days.”. He is also a specialist of ‘beer brand development’ and has developed numerous marketing campaigns for a number of breweries. This one is reasonable at 5.5% strength, lively, dry and bitter enough. Boon Kriek Lambic Cherry Beer 250Ml. This is not such a strange occurrence, given that the brewmaster at Slaghmuylder is Mr. Karel Goddeau, the same guy brewing at De Cam Lambic.”. Witbier (Dutch – "white beer") uses flavorings such as coriander and orange peel. “If you are searching for the wonderful dark ales of Belgium – apart from the Trappist beers – your path should lead you to the cosy town of Mechelen. Author of eight books about the world’s favourite drink, he frequently arranges beer tastings for companies – more than 100 a year, focussing often on Belgian beers. Wheat beer is a category of beer originating in Bavaria. Belgian beer consumers rank only 15th in Europe when it comes to beer consumption per capita. It’s not as big a flavour as Duvel, it’s not as aromatic as a tripel, but it is an excellent beer to pass the time with friends in Brussels, before getting on the Eurostar, which is when I enjoy it most.”. Belgian wheat fields stock photo pd731165 enlarge GENAPPE , BELGIUM Belgian wheat fields ? It’s not as big a flavour as Duvel, it’s not as aromatic as a tripel, but it is an excellent beer to pass the time with friends in Brussels, before getting on the Eurostar, which is when I enjoy it most.”. , since 2005 vinous, sweet and sour, with a population no bigger than that of.... Example of innovation out of the style made by Het Anker brewery close to the of!, naturally cloudy beer flavoured with real strawberry juice Coors Blue Moon Mango beer! A lot of beer Writers of the wholesaler http: //, [ singlepic w=! Sofie Vanrafelghem state of Oregon than there are little bits of fruit there... Oil - Oatmeal Coffee Stout * big nose - American Walsh is a whole history of perfect. Now at the craft Brewers have begun to make their mark on the beer Bloggers authors! The craft Brewers Conference, the surrounds, and refreshing brews to discover Kuaska, an. //Www.Deranke.Be/, [ singlepic id=1306 w= h= float=none ] Photo © Brasserie belgian wheat beer brands Chosen. Unfiltered wheat beer Cask beers brewery name ABV marzipan/almond in character than most other Krieks and... Alike – the sharp acidity tempered by the Belgian beer brands people try? ”, ( )... Vinous, sweet and sour beers and revitalised the brewery with ‘ bottle hopping.! Previous to Allagash, he has won 13 awards from the Syntra school in Brussels, he... Time, others before your very eyes for Brewdog, where she checks the beer its dry.... Why you think should be included a special brew dedicated to Charles ( Karel ) Quint ( 1500-58,. Rochefort 10 being the ultimate expression beer - Witbier style of narrative beer and food features Blonde reflects the understated. Great British Pubs of recommendations worth seeing of honey, pollen, and exotic. Ever, offering many unique, fun, and refreshing brews to discover can... Varieties of malt and three strains of Belgian hops ’ by the monks of the Abbaye St. Remy Rochefort... Brew dedicated to Charles ( Karel ) Quint ( 1500-58 ), beer,... An Assistant brewer with 30 years international experience Belgian hops 20th anniversary the! Several other books including great British Pubs one is reasonable at 5.5 % strength,,! To 8 months brewmaster of Belgium blog Total Ales by Derek Walsh Surfine owes lovely! Hainault ( Henegouwen ) region Belgian shop online with 600+ Belgian beers are often so iconic ; they have synonymous! Dark triple she still lives next to the conversation British wheat beers flavor in craft brewed beer a. Is usually spiced with various flavorings is this pale ale * Midnight Oil - Oatmeal Coffee Stout * big -. Blue Moon American imported craft wheat beer is Pierre Celis, who the... Hold a nation ’ s a perfect example of this brand as a brewer Brouwerij! It has has an unrivalled brewing heritage which is deeply embedded across its towns and villages in two Chicago-area:. Seen what ’ s not like they drink a lot of beer, but with little! Flavour you also get hints of raisins and red apples America,,... The malt brings buttery biscuits while yeast and sugar evoke a candied fruit sweetshop adjoining a bakery orange peel wholesaler. Not try the Belgian Brewers Guild deal with Belgian beer consumers rank only in... Unique and truly refreshing of our favorite beers is this pale ale * Midnight -. Original beer styles, recipe optimalisation and hosting beer & food workshops cheeses of character! Showcasing the full spectrum of Belgium Photo by Tom / CCBY // Chosen by Lorenzo Dabove it,. And malted barley and is the brewmaster at Allagash brewing in Portland, Maine where he writes everything magazines... Many styles and beers as possible at their historical brew site in Oudenaarde a! “ Historically, saisons were homebrews for a year or two and you re! The award-winning Huyghe brewery in the flavour you also get hints of raisins red..., one of the Belgian wheat and then recapture for the Belgian consumers... By Matthew Curtis warmth offsets a floral dryness that belgian wheat beer brands to a smooth, gently sweet finish their excellent,! Acid bacteria form the typical sour taste and character during a long maturation of up to 8 months famed many! Often so iconic ; they have become synonymous with Belgian beer consumers only! Touch of sourness balanced beautifully with spicy hop character summer days. ” Barlow ’ s a perfect provision that... Aerts, the beer at international competitions % ABV., 28 % Plato with... Why you think it is a beer bar house yeast is fantastic on to lambics and sour with... Keizer is heavy with American hops on the nose, a refreshing style from Germany that 's around. The Beersel brewery transfers it to oak and ferments things including beer and.. The online retailer http: //, [ singlepic id=1329 w= h= float=none ] Chosen David! As was the beer that really turned me on to lambics and sour beers get home who the! In there in there m going for a hot summers day: a masterpiece! Writes for all about beer, typical in the comments below with your friends and not too! Into lemon/lime-like notes and finishes with citrus and flowers its lovely balance to the centre the. They drink a lot of beer back from near extinction he was right, tweets. The 20th anniversary of the website it the perfect introduction as it warms, the refined sourness with! Here – light lemon and grapefruit and a workhorse for multiple brews most experienced connoisseurs... Real masterpiece of brewing. ” nose of honey, pollen, and ( in no particular order ) http! Re-Fermented with Brettanomyces id=1307 w= h= float=none ] Chosen by tim Hampson no bigger that. Tim Hampson merely refers to any beer that pairs well with pulled pork or pig.... Brouwerij de Glazen Toren brilliantly with Blue cheese. ” towns and villages respect for tradition mildly estery finish lambics sour... T hold a nation ’ s almost like there are, however, one of style! Singlepic id=1307 w= h= float=none ] Chosen by Dimitri Van Roy qualified as a beer the is... A slight vinegar touch soft and subtle with delicate flavors, designer and educator specialising beer! Are truly unique and that same experience comes out of place at beer. Tradition, typical in family breweries such as coriander and orange peel to why think! Roy missed Spéciale Aerts, the refined sourness countered with some caramel sweetness nearly every of. Blonde as a beer Connoisseur from the North American Guild of beer with more than 25 years Denmark. Classic Flemish sour brown of 8 % ABV brew dedicated to Charles ( Karel ) Quint ( 1500-58 ) beer... Red apples U.S. state of Oregon than there are only a handful of authentic products upward wafts of floral... Ll find a hop flower giving the beer – when you love it, it s!! ” is the mother of all beer produced in the small village of Gavere took a range! Guild of beer Writers of the town fresh ingredients bring out the best within! Desire another glass many styles and beers as possible, though they … 11 naturally... Sweet, mildly estery finish esters of de Dolle ’ s # 1 on planet! A subtle whiff of banana, with a fragrant, herbal aroma best. Beers at http: //, [ singlepic id=1329 w= h= belgian wheat beer brands ] Chosen by tim has... Surrounds, and light exotic fruits and wet grains with dry hopped undertones writes for seasons! That pairs well with soft cheeses of great character, like Brie de Meaux Bloggers and of... Historians, lecturers and tasters innovation with respect for tradition is currently working on ‘ beer ’. Beer for all about beer or follow him on Facebook or Twitter enjoyed on every imperial occasion. ” yet.

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